The Division is Empty Excellence

The Division is Empty Excellence

On March 22, 2016, Posted by , In Editorial, With No Comments

The Division has great 3rd person, tactical, cover-based shooting mechanics. I think the cover and vault buttons need to be swapped, but I also think the sticky cover option is the best. They really messed up on the button-mapping, but whatever – the mechanics are there.

The problem is, the game is rather empty. Playing by yourself and even with some teammates, the world is empty. It would be cool if other players could show up, just not killable (like it is in the Dark Zone). But, when engaged in a story mission with a group, it is a ton of fun. There’s a lot of environment variety that makes these encounters interesting. The actual encounters that happen outside of story missions are fun, but a little boring. And that’s all there really is. This game doesn’t have much to it.

When it comes to loot, that’s pretty fun. Tons of weapons, modding, etc. Appearance is quite crap, but maybe that was done to be a bit more realistic, but everyone looks the same. I’m wearing a purple scarf just to be a little different. They messed up there.

Dark Zone is fun, but with everyone getting to 30 and beating the story missions so fast, what’s the point of the loot you get? This game needs way more content.

It’s weird comparing this to Destiny. Destiny has the GOAT FPS shooting experience, but I’d rather much do the 3rd person tactical shooting of The Division. Missions and encounters are so much better in The Division. Just more meat, thinking, strategy, etc. Destiny raids are top-tier, but barrier to entry is way too high. I’m not sure why these games are having such a hard time creating a full cohesiveness, but maybe it’s because all the budget spent on presentation.

I didn’t mean for this to be a Destiny vs Division post, but that’s really what’s going on here. This is a new genre that hasn’t been done correctly, but Ubisoft is headed in the right direction.

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