The Division, Dragon’s Dogma, Tomb Raider

The Division, Dragon’s Dogma, Tomb Raider

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I’ve had Dragon’s Dogma since release, but I’ve been meaning to speak on it. It ran horrible on consoles so I could only bear so much. But, on PC it is magnificent. I’m not an RPG guy and never have been, but this game is just so much fun. I consider it a less stressful Dark Souls. I’m all about action, and dying in this game doesn’t have the same consequences as Souls. Many checkpoints, many ways to avoid death. What’s really fun to me is having “Pawns”, or AI partners, that I can customize to work with me in battle the way I want. This game would be perfect if it was a co-op game. The exploration and enemy encounters would be awesome for a group. Dragon’s Dogma online exists in another region, but I really don’t know how that plays. This is also a game I can casually play a quest or two in a sitting. With Souls, I plan time ahead when I won’t be bothered so I can invest a few hours in a sitting.

I got The Division beta from my friend Matt, which is better late than never. What I played so far was really fun. I consider it a more tactical Destiny. A much more lively world that I understood quickly. The short time I had with the beta alone did all that for me, so I can’t wait to see what I get from the full game. It is a Destiny and Borderlands-like, but the realistic, modern approach is the next step. Reminds me of when Call of Duty went modern – not many would think it would work, but it does. It is weird that it takes clips in the head to kill an enemy, but that’s just part of being this stat-driven shooter.

I also got Rise of the Tomb Raider since it just released on PC. Not only does this game look and run fantastic on PC, but it is a ton of fun. Maybe GOTY 2015 if I had played it? Obviously I need more time with it, but it is that incredible. I see why Microsoft was banking on this as an exclusive, but exclusive IPs have to be really unique to that specific console in order to work. Anyway, I also got this on the Windows 10 Store, so it’s considered an Xbox title with full achievements and everything. I actually like this idea. I know more games are planned for this, but being primarily a PC gamer, I like the idea of playing on my hardware while using the functionality of Xbox Live.

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