Week in Gaming – Tropes vs Women 2 Thoughts, Ben Kuchera Supports DRM, and Sonic Lost World Trailer


I present to you another Week in Gaming! Episode 11 to be precise, so let’s celebrate! With what? I don’t know, how about an awesome video? I give my two-cents on the Tropes vs Women videos thus far, Ben Kuchera’s defense of a no used games market, and generally just tell people to be nice!

I think this week I break new ground by calling people out and getting very opinionated in video form! And below, check out the other thumbnails Tera Pixel created for this video:




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Late to the Party – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


I think the Vita and 3DS are neat, but I really need an amazing title to pull me in. Sitting on the couch to play a full screen game is more appealing than hunching my shoulders over a small screen. I rented Luigi’s Mansion from GameFly (RIP…or too soon?) to give it a whirl, but there was so much to play I kept in on the back burner. I finally decided to pop it in…and I regret not doing it sooner!

[Can't take Screenshots of 3DS games]

The 3D works amazingly well. The way the camera works is amazing, as it’s static in a way that the game doesn’t move around you, but on a plane staring at you. This helps it feel more like an adventure game. This may sound odd, but the graphics of the flashlight – especially when shined at the player, looks very convincing and pleasing to witness. The graphics themselves as a whole are great. A bit better than Wii titles to be honest. As you play, you unlock new abilities that let you get to places you couldn’t before. It feels a bit like Metroid at this point, which is welcoming. But sometimes the game will stop and you’ll be presented with a completion time and points and whatnot which is a bit confusing as it doesn’t seem to play like a mission-based game. Especially considering you can generally walk wherever you want. So, little missions in between all the exploration may make sense for challenges, but nothing else.

[Another screenshot, if I could take screenshots]

I really, really like what I’m playing so far. It’s simple, yet makes you think. There’s something very addictive about it.


Watch Me Play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


I was stuck on a stand-off/boss battle for nearly 20 minutes. If you saw the stream live, you suffered through a director’s cut no one else will ever see. I cut most of that out as to not bore you, but here you go – Gunslinger gameplay from the PC. It was taken directly from a stream of me playing. You can view future streams here.


Holiday Weekend in Gaming – Sonic Transformed, Gunslinger, Revelations


The reason will celebrate days like Memorial Day, is the reason I can stay home from work on that specific day to play video games. This weekend, I completed Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. This year has been quite fun for $15 FPSs, the first before this being Blood Dragon. Gunslinger just has a variety of gameplay scattered through the excellent narrative on top of some tight and rugged shooting mechanics. Buy it, you fools.


When the original Sonic All-Stars Racing released, I devoured it and 1000 GS’d it immediately. With Transformed, there were so many other games around at the same time that I waited a bit (well, I did finish the first area in career mode on 360). I recently got it on PC, which is by far the best platform. On top of that, I’ve been PC gaming in my living room, using a wireless Logitech Keyboard/touchpad for Windows navigation, and a 360 controller for the majority of gaming. With this, Sonic Transformed has been a blast. That game is just pure fun.


But back to the living room set-up; I’ve touched on it before, but I know I definitely want to move my PC gaming into the living room. The only issue (besides a lack of high resolutions) would be mouse and keyboard for games that I prefer its use. I think I’ll get around this by building a collapsible keyboard tray that I could slide under my couch. I don’t lounge when I PC game, so this tray will have arm rests and be above lap height – this won’t be a lap board or anything. I’ll give it legs similar to a TV tray, so from there, I just kinda fold it into itself and slide it under the couch. Will this work? It sounds awesome, and I would love to consolidate my gaming space into one. I just need a new HDTV though – mine only outputs at 720p (although screenshots come out in 1080p) and there’s a faint dark horizontal line down the middle.

Playing some more Resident Evil Revelations, the chapters are hit and miss. They are also pretty short and not too challenging. Infernal destroyed me early on, but Normal is too easy. Once I beat it, I’ll probably start an Infernal play-through. I do like the level structure and all the nods to the original Resident Evil.


A Deeper Look into Xbox One’s Used Game Strategy


If this is any indication, the used game market will still exist, and potentially benefit the games’ publishers. The idea is this: You sell a game to a second hand shop that is an existing partner of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud system, and they use the system to deactivate it on the console it’s registered to, effectively rendering it un-registered. You can then purchase a used copy, which has an amount taken out that is split between Microsoft and the publisher. You go home, register the game – and it’s yours.

So, I’m fine with this system, yet still the second-hand market shouldn’t be interfered by the content creator. Pretty much everything is sold second-hand, and with the closing of publishers, lay-off of developers, and ending of franchises – even if 2 million sales isn’t enough – it is obvious that publisher’s projections are way off. Expecting 10 million sales and big fat bonuses is what put us in this mess. Used games are not their problem.

But going back to this system, it has brought up some interesting points. What if you bought the game digitally? Will there be a way to deactivate a game and send a key to someone else’s account? Creating a online used marketplace? When you then register that license on your console, you have to pay the $5 license fee. This is something Steam could use – but then we could say digital games are so cheap because you can’t sell or trade them

This makes me believe MS cloud non-partners could also take advantage of this if the game can be deactivated from your account, and when the disc is put in the new system, it sees that it is a pre-owned product. A lot of crazy scenarios here, but no real benefit compared to being a PC gamer. PC games are incredibly cheap, have a free online presence (Netflix, streaming apps, online play are all free without Xbox Live Gold), and allow modding – on top of %100 backwards compatibility.

And while PC has those benefits, it gets even worse for console gamers. Even with this new used game system, there’s no lending games to friends or even renting. Unless Microsoft comes up with a system for renting, my GameFly subscription may become obsolete. RedBox has recently emerged with game rentals, and there are still a few physcial locations that rent.

What does Microsoft gain from this? Exclusive content from publishers by adding extra anti-piracy protection and revenue from used games? None of this seems to be pro-consumer, and if the PlayStation 4 does the same thing, the PC will prevail…and maybe even Nintendo.


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Genuine Fun


Out of nowhere, I hear about a Call of Juarez title on Steam for $14.99. The Juarez series has never been the talk of the town even though they are fun in their own right. The new Gunslinger title, though is quite amazing. And I’ve been saying this a lot lately – but the narrative here is badass.


The game starts with the main character telling stories in a bar. These stories are what play out the missions, set objectives, and explain story elements. It’s amazing! It reminds me of a lighter version of Bastion, and to be honest, I didn’t find it that amazing in Bastion. What Gunslinger does here has me addicted.


So, being an FPS, Techland has included a few cool gameplay mechanics to spice things up. First, you can do a limited slow-mo, quick-shot sequences (pretty much QTEs), bullet dodging, and the classic quick-draw. On top of this, you gain XP for kills which allow you to buy skills under three different skill trees (revolving cylinders).


The graphics are nice, with a very slight black outline around objects similar to Borderlands, but not that extreme. It’s a pleasant surprise, and I recommend this to anyone.


What I think about the New Xbox


Xbox One.

No one guessed it right at all! Sources were sure of themselves it was Infinity. Just ‘Xbox’ was thrown around, as was 720, Infinite, Now, etc. One is a surprise. The 360 was called the 360 to compete with the PS3. So while Sony goes to four, Microsoft steps back to One. But really, who cares? Nintendo still got away with Wii.


The event was rather lame. The design of the console is really nothing special, though does it need to be? Here’s a link to further hardware specs. Pretty basic stuff. And the Kinect 2.0 looks like a mini-fridge. But, to their credit, the most interesting part of the reveal was the use of Kinect. Windows 8 features like ‘snap to’ and app-switching is pretty awesome, since getting around on the 360 is a pain in the ass. It reminds me of the Vita, with how quick it is to go from a game to the browser to search for FAQs, then back to the game where you left off. Much needed in next-gen. There was a neat feature about TV, just having to yell at the Kinect to go immediately to a TV channel, and to command what channel and to bring up a guide. The controller looks nice. Similar to the current design, but not much said. It looks like there’s a button for app switching, and possibly menu items, like a guide overlay. The most interesting tidbit was about specified feedback areas, like having rumble in specific triggers. Then they went on forever about sports. Apparently there’s some exclusivity deal between EA and Microsoft, but no details yet, except for an exclusive FIFA title. After that, they spent some time on NFL TV stuff, though I really don’t care. And, about the games?

Some footage of the new Forza was shown, as was Call of Duty, but nothing exciting. Microsoft showed a preview for Remedy’s Quantum Break. Hard to say what it is exactly, but after Max Payne and Alan Wake, it should be pretty interesting. It had live action elements, wit a few quick scenes of what looked like the character you control in third person, with some weird slow-mo going on.

Though, the totally unrelated-to-gaming announcement that blew me away was the Halo television series being made in cooperation with Steven Spielberg. Wow!

Hopefully E3 will reveal a lot more. It’s said that Microsoft Studios alone will have 15 exclusive titles in the first year, 8 being brand new IP. There’s still a lot to be known, like backwards compatibility and…well, I think that’s the biggest one (Oh, and price. I’m not made of money).


Weekend in Gaming – Doing it in the Living Room


Just like how homo-sapiens are in the middle of an awkward, back-aching evolution, the gaming environment is having a similar problem. It’s a question I bring upon myself frequently – do I game on my high-resolution computer monitor from my computer chair? Or, do I lounge on my couch and play at lower resolutions on a big screen with input lag? Right now, there’s no definite answer. Maybe if I had enough money for a big-screen, 1440p monitor, and a transforming coffee table to allow me to go from gamepad to mouse/keyboard. That’s certainly possible, but a lot of money. We’re almost there for the average consumer though.

What do I do in the meantime? Well, I snagged a 15-foot HDMI cable to go from my gaming desktop to my big screen in the living room. I’m also using a wireless Xbox controller, and snagged a sweet Logitech wireless mini-keyboard with touchpad. If a game doesn’t require my enjoyment of downsampling, I’ll submit myself to the lower resolutions of an HDTV. I’ll save my gaming monitor for mouse/keyboard affairs such as Battlefield, RTSs, etc. I mainly began this project to enjoy the enhanced visuals of the PC port of Sonic Racing Transformed, but in the comfort of playing an arcade racer on my couch with a big screen.


I played some Crysis 3 over the weekend. The first time since the week of release. While it ran fine most of the time, it did have some issues I couldn’t figure out. Also, it’s a bit boring. But, with the patch updates and newest AMD drivers, I’m actually seeing a technical improvement. I’m probably playing just to see everything look so beautiful.

So…Next Xbox reveal tomorrow. Pumped?


Week in Gaming – No Pants!


What a weird week in gaming! No, not the game news, but I’m not wearing pants! TeraPixel Studios had a big job this week so that meant me doing this with my webcam (no stranger to that – wink, wink). But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t news. Make sure you have a drink with you on this one, as it doubles as a drinking game.

Oh, and since then…Sonic Lost World Exclusive on Wii U.

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