Bluecast Episode 53 – Listen to Ben Boast About Beating Rogue Legacy

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Welcome to Episode 53 of the BlueGamer Bluecast, with Adam, Ben and Cody. Topics of discussion: Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft. Character Dramas in gaming – does it work? How well retro games look and play, even today. Cody’s new column on BlueGamer and BROFORCE! As always, stick around for the…

Xbox Boss Quits, Precursor Developer Arrest Controversy, Fez XBLA Patch – Week in Gaming

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Here’s something a bit different than normal. What do you think? This week, Xbox’s boss quits Microsoft, Precursor Games developer arrested, Fez gets a patch, and more! Subscribe to BlueGamer TV:

Green Light Report: BROFORCE

If Metal Slug and Mario had a baby and Michael Bay delivered it, you’d name it BROFORCE. The brovelopment team Free Lives consists of six bros from South Africa and started April of 2012 after founder Evan Greenwood’s success with Pocket RPG. You can learn more about the rest of…

Final Fantasy VII on Steam!

Final Fantasy VII was released on Independence Day (July 4th) on Steam for $11.99. I couldn’t resist resurrecting this game on my PC. I’ve played through it a couple of times already, but I couldn’t resist another play through. Also seeing the release date made me think of how the…

Hidden Horrors of Gaming: Why Child Labor Laws Exist

I’ve always wondered how the newspaper wound up on my porch when I was growing up; I knew that someone delivered it and I’d heard rumors of dogs chasing down the paperboys, but I had no idea that it could be so dangerous. I’ve ridden a bicycle before and it…

The Last of Us Review – Not As Good As Everyone Thinks

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My video review for The Last of Us has been up on BlueGamer TV for some time, but I never posted it here! Enjoy.

Right-Stick Item Selection Only Makes Sense

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I’m feeling this with Muramasa on the Vita especially; needing to quickly switch to a potion or life-saving action while dashing away from danger, only having to move away from the left-analog stick that removes me from danger to then select said item on the d-pad! (or vice versa in…

Hidden Horrors of Gaming: Utilitarianism and Proactive Suicide

Let me start here: A bunch of pre-dead lemmings fall from the heavens into some random hell-scape completely lacking any sense of spelunking or survival instinct. It is up to you, dear gamer, to guide these delicious masters of martyrdom to safety. Suicides are sometimes necessary. Feast your eyes on…

Weekend in Gaming – Muramasa, Rogue Legacy

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2D side-scrolling action-RPGs are all the rage. This weekend, between obtaining a horrible sun-burn on the back of my neck and blistering my precious gaming thumbs, I received a copy of Muramasa on the Vita. This is an updated port from the original Wii title. Made by the same people…

Bluecast Episode 52 – PC Police

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Adam, Ben, and Cody are back for another round of exquisite gaming discussion. We get all ‘PC Police’ on the ‘PC Police’. Why can’t we all just get along? Oh – and, ‘Merica Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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