Bluecast Episode 54 – 40 Friday

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Adam, Ben, and Cody once more spout off about all things gaming – but this time on video. We had two cameras, but Cody’s 40 disabled him from properly functioning the camera. Hope you enjoy ‘watching’ us do a podcast (kinda creepy). The video will be up over the weekend….

Week in Gaming – Nintendo Tries to Shut Down Evo, New Ratchet and Clank, and New Nintendo Franchise

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This week on Week in Gaming, Miyamoto hints at a new franchise for Nintendo while simultaneously trying to shut down the Evo fighting tournament. Not all is bad though, as Sony announces a new Ratchet and Clank on PS3! What do you think Nintendo’s new franchise is? What should it…

The Positive Side to Crowdfunding Games – A Response to Adam Sessler

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The amazingly talented Adam Sessler of Rev3 games posted a video about the perils of crowdfunding video games. It’s interesting – have a look: I responded with this: What are your thoughts?

Hidden Horrors of Gaming: The Imperalistic Alien and His Naive Slave Plants

Is it wrong for a spaceman to enslave indigenous alien life forms if they are incredibly dumb? Let’s say that a space explorer, we’ll call him Oliver, crashes onto a planet. Then this invading alien hops across the crust and plush grass to curious sprouts poking out of the ground….

Reciever: A Literal Lesson in Gun Control

Receiver is a first person shooter that redirects the focus from run and gun twitch-tactics to straight up gun mechanics. As a ‘receiver’ you are one of the select few that can learn to hear a voice through the white noise found on cassette tapes. Maps are randomly generated, as…

Cube World: Blocked

Cube World, while it looks like Minecraft, isn’t the same type of game at all. Even though it looks like Minecraft, it’s a completely different type. Sure, it takes place in a world made of blocks but the gameplay focuses more on exploration, character growth, and other RPG elements. It’s more…

Weekend in Gaming – Retro Finds, Helicopter Mayhem

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I decided to stop at the local Half Price Books to get my daughter a book. Not only are they cheap, but they pretty much have any type of book a four-year-old could make up on the spot. Their gaming selection is pretty slim, as is most any type of…

Bluecast Episode 53 – Listen to Ben Boast About Beating Rogue Legacy

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Welcome to Episode 53 of the BlueGamer Bluecast, with Adam, Ben and Cody. Topics of discussion: Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft. Character Dramas in gaming – does it work? How well retro games look and play, even today. Cody’s new column on BlueGamer and BROFORCE! As always, stick around for the…

Xbox Boss Quits, Precursor Developer Arrest Controversy, Fez XBLA Patch – Week in Gaming

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Here’s something a bit different than normal. What do you think? This week, Xbox’s boss quits Microsoft, Precursor Games developer arrested, Fez gets a patch, and more! Subscribe to BlueGamer TV:

Green Light Report: BROFORCE

If Metal Slug and Mario had a baby and Michael Bay delivered it, you’d name it BROFORCE. The brovelopment team Free Lives consists of six bros from South Africa and started April of 2012 after founder Evan Greenwood’s success with Pocket RPG. You can learn more about the rest of…

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