ERR08: Out of Video Memory – Resident Evil 6 PC

ERR08: Out of Video Memory – Resident Evil 6 PC

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Resident Evil 6 was released for the PC Friday, and with it came a ton of extras. One, being a plethora of fatal errors. The game plays fine, but will then freeze at the loading screen after the first level. I played it six times in an attempt to troubleshoot. Sometimes the game would go down to 1fps and just crash. I changed the game to windowed mode and was able to complete the first level. I then played through a good chunk of Leon’s campaign. Then, Sean and I played some Battlefield 3. Getting back into RE6, even the title screen would chug along. I put it into windowed mode – same thing. Restarting my computer, I was able to get it to work for about 10 minutes. The game, for me, is unplayable.

Some point to it being a memory leak in the game’s code. Considering this doesn’t happen with any other game on my system, it’s pretty obvious this game was just sloppily optimized for PC. Sounds familiar coming from Capcom. Being that this game was released on a Friday, Capcom can go the weekend without having to worry about this. I sure haven’t heard anything from them. The Steam forums are full of users having the same issue.

I’m pissed.

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