BlueGamer Review Policy

Here at BlueGamer, we don’t really believe in review scores. How can Madden 2011 get the same as ’12 (and why are you scoring Madden)? Does a 9 for Angry Birds mean The Last of US is worse because it got an 8.5? No, but all game review discussion just goes down the toilet when it becomes about the number and not the game.

So, because games cost money and time, I figure the best way to know if a game is worth playing is if it’s worth buying. But even then, humans all have different opinions just as much as I’m told my opinion is wrong. Therefore, our rating system goes as follows:


I take price and time into consideration. This game needs to be played no matter what.


It’s fun, but maybe not for you or maybe not right now. Or, it’s not your type but may be worth time spent before cash spent.


I’m not sure how often this will happen. I usually have an idea how bad a game will be before I play it and have no need to talk about it. But this will save you both on time and money.

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