BlueGamer 2015 GOTY

BlueGamer 2015 GOTY

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I’m finally getting around to this…

2015 is in the past and I’ve played everything I could. Here are my favorite games in no order:

Grey Goo – A call back to the days of Command & Conquer. It wasn’t quite there but haven’t played anything like this in a decade.

Zombie Army Trilogy – This is how a zombie game should be, and the 3rd chapter added some more depth.

Dark Souls II – Hey, it may not be the best Souls, but it’s Souls.

Halo 5 – The multiplayer has brought the franchise back to what I love about it.

Hotline Miami 2 – I LOVE the first game, and this took it to a new level without being too different or too much of the same.

Bloodborne: My real number 1. In fact, it may even be my favorite game of all time. Though, that may also be Dark Souls which I would never have played if it wasn’t for Bloodborne. Incredible game!

What a year – to find a game that has lead to maybe my favorite game franchise of all-time! I didn’t have much to look forward to as the year started either.

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